• Post for Bird-Tech tensioned cable
  • Manufactured in 2.5 mm AISI 302 stainless steel with 100% UV-resistant virgin polycarbonate base.
  • Measurement: maximum height 100 mm x maximum width (top) 80 mm, base: 30x35 mm
  • Weather resistant.




  • Very easy to install anywhere.
  • Always install the product so that it protrudes outwards from the top surface to prevent birds from landing. (See images)
  • Can be installed with screws, ties or sealant.


First day


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface where the product is to be installed.
  2. Put sealant on the base, then press down and hold for a few seconds where you want to install it.
  3. Allow to dry for 24 hours for optimal adhesion.


Second day


  1. On the second day, after the sealant has dried, install the tensioned cables or rods.


Download installation data sheet.

Post for Tensioned Cable

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